We are so excited this week, we have a great team recruited for next year and our centre is looking amazing.

Putting a team together was very motivating, we have now put the faces to our new centre. Plans for fantastic staff training, stimulating workshops and team-building activities will be planned for next year so we will be more than ready to welcome our families.

Our centre construction is coming along very well, with the builders confident and running well ahead of schedule. After the internal being painted last week, the Coomera Clubhouse already has a very homely feel, with large, bright airy rooms creating wonderful spaces for our children.

We still have a lot to do, and this time has probably been the busiest for the owners. As Christmas fast approaches,we hope our families are enjoying this time of year. Please stay tuned for more updates as our centre continues to shape and form into Coomera Clubhouse.


  1. Angie Das says:

    I like the way Coomera Club house is shaping up.I live in Coomera Springs;everyday when I go out for walk and walk pass the centre I see new things being done.I am planning to admit my youngest children into your centre and at the same time I am looking employment in your centre.Are you still looking for more staff? I have admin and accounting background, but ready to work in any areas.Thanks

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