The children were asked at morning tea to keep their food scraps so that we could feed them to the worms. After morning tea we sat down with Miss Nicole and she talked to us about how a worm farm works. She said the first thing that we needed to put into the farm was some wet soil. We all had a turn at using the shovel to scoop up some soil and add it to the container. Once we had added the soil it was time to put the worms in. Miss Nicole opened up the box and inside was a plastic bag with a small amount of soil, 1200 worms, worm eggs and castings. Miss Nicole tipped it in and the children were excited to have a look at the worms before they dug their way beneath the soil. The next step to establish the worm farm was to give the worms our food scraps. Miss Nicole chopped the scraps up into small pieces and we helped to put them on top of the soil ready for the worms to eat. The last job was to place a wet worm blanket on top to keep the farm dark and moist. Miss Nicole placed the lid on top and then talked to us about the foods that the worms do and do not like to eat. We will be using the worm castings to make a worm tea to fertiliser our garden and will continue to promote sustainability in the Bilby room.

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