It was here, the day the fire truck came to School.  After a great morning outside we came inside early for morning tea before the fire truck came. After morning tea we all sat inside the wombat’s room to meet the firefighters.

We spoke about what number to call when there is a fire.(000) We even got to stop drop and roll.

We then got to see the firefighters gear they wear to fight the fires. They even dressed Miss Lindsay up in the gear!

After our show we lined up and made our way outside to see and learn all about the fire truck.

We all got a turn at holding the start of the hose-It was really heavy. Some of our mums even stayed for a look.

We then got to explore the cab of the truck. Our Teachers had to help us out because it was so big.

The sirens were very loud. Thankfully the fireman told us to cover our ears. Then it was time to have a turn at shooting the water, we all had the best time.

Then it was time to take a group photo and say good bye.

The children had a wonderful time visiting the fire truck we will continue to explore emergence vehicles. Thanks again Coomera firefighters!

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