Sustainability practices at Coomera Clubhouse

At Coomera Clubhouse we encourage and increase awareness of environmental responsibilities, implementing practices that can contribute to a more sustainable future.

The best way for children to learn to respect the natural environment and create sustainable practices it by creating a love for nature in the early years. The best way for children to create this passion, appreciation and love is by spending time in the natural environment, playing, growing, learning and connecting.  At Coomera Clubhouse we foster this by creating engaging outdoor spaces that showcase all the wonders that nature has to offer. Plants, trees, gardens, water and sand is only naming a few elements of what our beautiful outdoor environments have to offer.

Children gain knowledge and develop an awareness of the impact they can make and how to respect and care for the living and non-living  environment through our educational programs.

  • minimise waste
  • reduce energy use
  • save water
  • choose environmentally friendly
  • grow plants & vegetables
  • recycle food scraps in a
  • compost bin or worm farm
  • maintain natural play spaces
  • explore Australian plants & animals
  • learn about environmental issues & contribute to their solutions

Our Educators role model respect, care and appreciation for the natural environment and embed sustainability into daily routines and practices.

Sustainability Officers

miss amy

Miss Amy

Centre 1

miss matiya

Miss Matiya

Centre 2