Do Parents Make Better Teachers?

A common controversy we’ve heard being argued in the community is whether people are better teachers when they’re also parents. It’s an interesting topic, and one that’s important for everyone to be aware of, since we all want the best for our children.

There are three main aspects to a teacher’s job here at Coomera Clubhouse:

  • Relate to children, how they’re feeling, and how they need to communicate.
  • Teach children about the world around them and help them to develop life skills.
  • Liaise with parents and guardians about the children, their progress, and any issues that have come to light.

We’ve all been children in the past, so we all have the potential to relate well to children. All of our teachers have received special training in child psychology, teaching methodologies, and the care and nurture of young children. We aren’t trying to be parents to your children – we’re trying to be adult helpers and guides for them. That doesn’t require experience as a parent; it does require the aforementioned training, though.

Where being a parent can make a difference

Where you might find a difference between teachers who are parents and those who aren’t is in how the teacher relates to you, the parent. Parents develop instincts and knowledge about their children; they also experience unique stresses that non-parents don’t always understand. So you might find that those of our teachers who’ve had children of their own understand better where you’re coming from if an issue arises, and often in the smaller details, too. For example, other parents can often empathise more closely when you’re having trouble separating from your child on drop-off. You might also find that our teachers who are also parents can offer more targeted advice when you’re having trouble at home, for example, encouraging your child to toilet-train. They’ll know your child, but also know what worked for them in similar situations.

We want to make sure that every family finds what they need here

We care about every aspect of your child’s development as a person. Each of our teachers will provide slightly different skills and care styles, but our focus is always the same: making sure that your children are safe, well, and happy as far as we’re able.

Here at the Coomera Clubhouse

Here at the Clubhouse approximately half of our teachers are mums.  So if you feel like you need someone to talk to about parenting, just come a little earlier or stay a little later when you drop off or pick up your child and we can match you up with one of our teacher mums.

Not only is your child supported, safe and able to thrive – but you as a parent become instantly connected into and supported by a community network of parents, teachers, and professionals, all here for one purpose – to help your family thrive.

Our environment is based on three core pillars, Nurture, Safety, and Creativity

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