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miss emma

Miss Emma

Operations Manager & Director Centre 2

Hello, I’m Emma, a passionate advocate for early childhood education with over 12 years of experience in the sector. As the Director of Coomera Clubhouse, I have the incredible privilege of nurturing and shaping young minds during their most formative years.

My journey in early childhood education has been an exciting one, fueled by my unwavering dedication to fostering a safe, inclusive, and stimulating environment for every child in our care, I strive to create a space where children can explore, discover, and develop a love for learning. Each day, I am inspired by the limitless potential they possess and the impact we, as educators, can have on their growth and development.

As a mother of two children myself, I understand the deep trust and responsibility parents place in us as educators. Building strong partnerships with families and maintaining open lines of communication are fundamental aspects of my approach. I believe that a collaborative effort between parents and educators enhances a child’s learning journey and overall well-being.

In my leadership role as the Director, I am committed to cultivating a supportive and cohesive team at Coomera Clubhouse. I believe that fostering a positive work environment translates into better outcomes for the children in our care. Encouraging professional development and sharing best practices with my team is essential to staying at the forefront of early childhood education trends and research.

For me, being an early childhood educator is not just a profession; it’s a vocation that fills me with joy and a profound sense of purpose. I am privileged to witness the incredible growth of the young minds at Coomera Clubhouse and play a role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

I also believe that it takes a village to raise a child. The influence of the community is undeniably significant in shaping young minds. At Coomera Clubhouse, we understand that the connections children make outside the classroom greatly enrich their learning experiences. Engaging with the broader community not only exposes children to diverse perspectives, cultures, and traditions but also instils in them a sense of belonging and social responsibility. We actively collaborate with parents, local organizations, and community members to create a holistic learning environment that nurtures the development of compassionate and capable individuals.

Thank you for trusting us to be a chapter in your children’s story, I am deeply invested in ensuring that every child who walks through our doors feels loved, valued, and empowered to flourish. Together, as a village, we embark on an exciting journey of discovery and growth, nurturing young minds, inspiring a love for nature, and fostering a sense of belonging that will leave a lasting impact on each child’s life. We are dedicated to creating an enriching and memorable early childhood experience that lays a strong foundation for a future of endless possibilities.

miss kelly

Miss Kelly

Educational Leader and Assistant Director, Centre 2

My name is Kelly Gow, and I am the Assistant Director and educational leader at Coomera Clubhouse Centre 2. I have personally been in the early childhood industry for 18 years now and have been at Coomera Clubhouse since it opened in 2014. Family is extremely important to me, and I am incredibly blessed to have two very beautiful children of my own.

Moving my way through my schooling years and then moving onto university to study a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, I always had a passion for working with children. As an early childhood educator, I believe that the early years of a child’s life is the optimal time to lay the foundations for learning. My personal philosophy believes that each child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique and not only capable of learning, but also capable of succeeding. I have the privilege of working with young children and I absolutely love scaffolding and supporting young minds into becoming confident and excited learners.

In my leadership role as educational leader, I pride myself on being a positive and inspiring role model for all early childhood educators with a vision of providing all children with an inclusive, friendly, supportive, and encouraging learning environment. I value just how important all educators’ philosophies are when it comes to creating a fun, motivating, engaging, and stimulating learning environment for all children, a learning program that they will remember and look back on in their later years.

Here at Coomera Clubhouse, we value the importance of providing all families with a warm, welcoming, caring, and nurturing environment and through collaboration with all families, I am honoured to be able to support all families within their journey through their child’s early years of education. Welcoming new families into our family brings me joy and excitement and through my years at Coomera Clubhouse I have loved the opportunity to get to know all our beautiful families and children. I love building connections and positive relationships with all families, and I pride myself on providing all families with the support they need.


Miss Courtney

Kindergarten Teacher, Centre 2

My name is Courtney Blunt and I am the Kindergarten Teacher at the service. I have a young daughter, Hazel, and in becoming a mum, it has further enhanced my appreciation in celebrating a child’s identity and culture.

My teaching philosophy is derived from my personal beliefs, life experiences, and professional career as an early year’s educator. I have formed a philosophy that encompasses important values in teaching and child wellbeing. As I learn and explore more of the teaching profession and be faced with different life encounters, my philosophy will continue to evolve. My philosophy is focused on four core values – identity, respect, collaboration, and responsibility. I value providing children with an environment and a relationship that enables them see they are unique, capable, and resilient individuals. Children are our future, and I have the gifted role to work in collaboration with families and staff members to nurture and support every part of who they are. I am honoured to be apart of your child’s journey and have the opportunity to build connections that will enrich their growth.


Miss Toni

Director, Centre 1

My name is Toni Rigby and I am the nominated supervisor at Centre One. I have worked in Early childhood Education for over 12 years and have been here at Coomera Clubhouse for 9 of those years. I currently hold my Diploma in Children’s Services and am studying my Bachelor of Education. This continues to foster my knowledge and passion for the Early years.

I love working with children in so many different areas and guiding children through new and challenging adventures has always been my passion and philosophy! The Early Years is an area I am extremely passionate about working with families, children and our team to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. My personal philosophy is to create an environment that supports each child to continue to develop in all areas. It is an environment that supports each individuals needs based on the families support, guidance and input. Creating warm, safe environments has always been my aim and I strive to ensure that all children and families feel confident to engage with their peers and our team in all learning spaces here at Coomera Clubhouse.

I also have the privilege of being a mum to two beautiful children; Axel 9 and Ayla 5, who are my absolute world and always keep me busy and on my toes! Guiding and supporting my own children throughout their own individual journeys is one of my greatest privileges which extends to each child here within our community here at Coomera Clubhouse!


Miss Jessica

Educational Leader and Assistant Director, Centre 1

My name is Jess Bennett and I have worded in childcare for just over 15 years and am currently the Educational Leader for Centre One and also the lead educator in our Possum’s Room (Nursery). I have worked for Coomera Clubhouse for nearly 8 years and Coomera Clubhouse has become my second family.

Working with Coomera Clubhouse has provided me with the foundation to explore my passion of working with and alongside children from 0-5 years. My professional philosophy is based on providing a safe, inclusive, stimulating, nurturing, and environmentally responsible environment that respects and protects the rights of children and that employs a play-based approach in developing and instilling a love for learning.

Being the Educational Leader provides me with the role of inspiring, motivating, affirming and challenging or extending the practices and pedagogy of all educators. I see my role as a collaborative endeavor which involves inquiry and reflection which has a significant impact on the important work the educators do with their children and families. My role as an educational leader is to primarily collaborate with educators and provide curriculum direction and guidance. I endeavor to support educators to effectively implement the cycle of planning to enhance their programs and practices.


Miss Georgia

Sustainability Leader Centre 1

Sustainability means preserving our planet for future generations and decreasing our harmful impact on the natural environment around us.

We here at Coomera Clubhouse take this initiative very seriously and make sure that we are consistently weaving sustainable practices within our programming and our indoor and outdoor learning environments. As we nurture the next generation, we wish to imbue them with respect for the environment around them, not only for the sake of others but for themselves so that they can grow with a sense of connectedness to this beautiful planet we live on.

Miss Chloe

Miss Chloe

Enrolments Officer and Management Support, Centre 1 & 2

I am proud to share that I have been a part of the Coomera Clubhouse journey since it’s inception in 2010, working closely with my family in developing the centre from the initial idea, to opening day. Today at our centres, I assist the teams with multiple daily tasks, but my favourite part is meeting new families, showing them around our beautiful centres, introducing them to our team and then supporting them throughout the enrolment process and their introduction into the early education environment.

I am a mum to two boys who keep me very busy, and I am passionate about keeping a healthy, active lifestyle.

Miss Bec

Miss Bec

Workplace Health and Safety Officer Centre 2

My name is Rebecca Albert and I have worked in the childcare industry for over 20 years – starting as a Lead Educator and working my way up to an 2IC and Nominated Supervisor before stepping back into a Lead Educator role. I started at Coomera Clubhouse Centre 1 when it opened in 2011 and moved over to Centre 2 in 2020.  I have an Advanced Diploma in Community Services (Children’s Services).

I am a mum to 2 very active little boys – Ezekiel and Theodore who keep me busy.  I always wanted to work with children as I wanted to be able to help them learn and guide them into becoming confident little people and help teach them their first skills to help them succeed in life.

I am the Workplace Health and Safety officer and Food Safety Supervisor for Centre 2.  My role is to ensure that our centre is a safe environment for our children, families and staff and to help train the staff in our policies and procedures.

Miss Perdita

Miss Perdita

Sustainability Officer Centre 2

I have always seen sustainability as an important aspect as I strongly believe that it is our role to protect our natural environment. As an early childhood educator, I feel that it is extremely important to help guide children into learning about how they can be hands on and involved in the role of being more sustainable both in our service and at home.

My job allows me to be environmentally sustainable through a more “hands on “approach, guiding the children through everyday tasks. I love gardening, it’s about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity in our days.

To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul, we are excited going on this little journey with our children at Coomera Clubhouse and our community.

miss jessica

Miss Jess

Wellbeing Leader

My name is Jess Neill and I have been with the Coomera Clubhouse family for over two years. I am please to be in the important role of Wellbeing Leader, in support of our team at Centre 2. This is a job I am passionate about as I believe that staff, children and family wellbeing is important. We should all strive to look after ourselves and each other’s wellbeing, as we can not pour from an empty cup. I am excited to work with the staff and families to ensure all of our wellbeing is being taken care of here at Coomera Clubhouse and I look forward to sharing my ideas and motivation towards reaching a common goal of a happy, healthy workplace.