ideas to keep the children entertained at home

With everyone spending more and more time at home due to recent circumstances, we thought we would share a few ideas that might help you all stay happy and positive during this experience.

We think that the most important things to do daily is to enjoy some movement/exercise as a family, natural sunlight and routine.

Here are our top tips and activities to try at home:

  •  Make homemade playdough with the children
  • Baking! Bake in batches, freezing your favourite treats and snacks for the family to enjoy.ideas for keeping the kids entertained at home
  • Have a daily routine that includes movement. Try yoga and some breathing with the children to begin each day.
  • Have a family movie night! Make popcorn and get blankets out to enjoy some family time cuddled up on the couch.
  • Ask the children at the beginning or the end of the day for 5 things they are grateful for. Have them draw pictures of the people or things in their life that they are really glad to have.
  • Take a daily walk in the sunshine, being sure to enjoy natural light and sun each day.
  • Avoid the temptation to allow too much screen time creep into your day, taking regular breaks for books and play.ideas for keeping the kids entertained at home
  • Build Lego together
  • Enjoy large puzzles and floor puzzles
  • Purchase some succulents and pots to create succulent displays and little gardens– even a fairy garden in the backyard! Check out these amazing ideas by clicking here.
  • Discover some amazing scenery with the children on the Google website, Click here: “The Hidden Worlds Of National Parks. “
  • Jump online and watch the Taronga Zoo live animal streaming- tune in to see what the animals are up to. Click hereideas for keeping kids entertained at home
  • Try to organise a virtual playdate or hang out with some friends or family on Facetime. There are many apps that allow you and your children to enjoy this for free.
  • Take funny photos, dress up and make videos. Play around with filters and effects– get the older kids involved if you have any and enjoy the process of making memories.
  • Build a fort out of sheets & pillows. At night, get out the torch and read stories in your fort too!ideas for keeping the kids entertained at home
  • Board games, hide and seek, Twister!
  • Cooking things like pizza, pastries and simple meals that the kids can help with.
  • Read, paint, enjoy craft and just be! Your children (if old enough) will remember this time in their lives forever. Be sure to remove as much stress and anxious behaviours from their view and focus on being present and enjoying this time at home with your children.

Do you have some fun ideas to add? What have you and your family been up to lately? Drop them in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!


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