community library

In 2020, we are very excited to be bringing our Community Hub to life! Our centres will soon be able to welcome families and members of the community into our library and hub to enjoy the facilities and the calming, welcoming space that it provides.

When developing the idea and concept behind the community hub, we felt that we wanted to create a welcoming, communal space in which to hold our Community Education Events, a space for the children to come in during their day here with us to use with their friends, a quiet space for our educators to relax and reflect in and a space for the community to feel welcome to use for quiet reading or research with their children.

Other ways that both Centre 1 & 2 will use the library daily:

  • Practicing Yoga and breathing, soft movement
  • Music classes
  • Abecedarian Reading Games
  • Technology area including iPads and Bee Bots
  • Put together and watch puppet shows
  • Plus lots more!
community library
community library