The children were very interested in the baby chickens we had in the centre recently. Every morning we would all go for a walk over to the Wombats room to see the chickens.
The first few times we went the chickens were very small or had just hatched and were in the incubator still so we were only able to look. The children were very excited to see the chickens and were fascinated by the chickens and eggs in the incubator. After a few days we were able to finally touch the chickens so Miss Bec picked up a baby chicken so the children could have a gentle pat. They were all very gentle and were both excited and proud to be able to touch the chickens.
We also went and had a look at the centre chickens one day so the children could see what the baby chickens would look like when they were bigger. The children were excited but a little apprehensive of the bigger chickens; especially when they ran over to the fence but soon everyone was pointing and laughing. Some of the children also went inside the enclosure with Miss Sarah to have a closer look.

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