What does the centre supply for my child?

Three nutritious meals each day, a late afternoon snack, nappies (for children in Junior rooms) sunscreen, wipes and 0ther consumables as well as the children’s portfolios.

What do we need to bring to the centre?

bottle of water, bottles with formula or milk for babies. Comforters required (dummy, blanket etc), a wide-brimmed hat. Cot/single sheet and a single loose sheet to be taken home daily and washed weekly, and a blanket in winter.

*Please ensure that all personal belongings are clearly labeled and that any valuables (special toys included) are left at home.

Does your centre provide food?

Our centre provides a nutritionally balanced morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for your little ones, prepared and cooked by our catering partners, Kids Gourmet Food. Together with Kids Gourmet Food, we’re passionate about providing nutritious, delicious and healthy meals for our charges, that they absolutely love. Mealtimes are always a hit at the Clubhouse!

Does your centre provide nappies for my child?

Yes we do, for children in our Junior Rooms (0-3 years) we provide daily nappies and wipes.

Are your educators qualified?

Under the Education and Care Services National regulations and the Education and Care Services National Law, all of our centre staff are required to hold an approved Education and Care qualification or be actively working towards it. All of our educators meet that requirement and all hold a blue card, ‘Queensland working with children check’, allowing them to work with children.

How do your educators manage children’s challenging behaviour in the centre?

The children are taught to be responsible for their behaviours through the use of logical consequence. For example if a child draws on a table he/she will then help to clean it up, if they were to hurt another child they will assist the educator in applying ice-packs etc. We use techniques that focus on encouraging positive behaviours so that the children learn to understand what is acceptable, desirable and what is ‘good’ behaviour.

What are your fees?

Our centre has approval for the Child Care Subsidy or CCS funding. This means if your family is eligible for CCS, you then pay a gap fee that is calculated based on the percentage provided to you by the Family Assistance Office. To find out more about your CCS and what you are entitled to, please phone Family Assistance on 136 150 or click here.

For a copy of our full fee structure, please email chloe@coomeraclubhouse.com.au