Coomera Clubhouse

Centre 1: 60 Coomera Springs Boulevard Upper Coomera 4209
Centre 2: 1 Gannet Place Upper Coomera 4209
Centre 1: (07) 5665 6111Centre 2: (07) 56184 164
Centre 1: 6.30 am – 6.30pmCentre 2: 6.00am – 6.00pm

Send Us Your Enquiry

If you’d like to discuss your child’s care, if you’d like to visit our centres, or you’d simply like to make a time to pop in & see us, simply fill out the form below, give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Communicating with Clubhouse Families

We believe that communication between Clubhouse families and Clubhouse educators is vital for the development and wellbeing of each child in our care. And so, we commit to regular communications between parents/guardians and the Clubhouse.

By sharing information about your child’s activities, growth, behaviour and social engagement, together we can work to meet each child’s individual needs. We encourage parents to participate in the Clubhouse program as frequently as possible. This enables us to approach the growth and development of your child in a collaborative and well-informed manner. Here are some of the communications methods we use to keep you informed…

Social Media

On Facebook and Instagram we’re updating the daily activities and fun happening at the Clubhouse. Follow us and join in the conversation! And, don’t forget to find us on KindyHub!

Email & Mail

We share a regular newsletter, with our parent community, on the latest activities & news from the Clubhouse.

The Blog

Our blog is a fantastic resource of knowledge and insights from our educators, parents and the local community. Be sure to
check in regularly!

At the Clubhouse

From our suggestion box, family evenings to the display boards and our commitment to verbal communication, we’re making sure Clubhouse parents are always in the know!

For your Child

We maintain development records, child portfolios, family pockets and daily communication books, so you always have a comprehensive view of your child’s experience at the Clubhouse.

Your Participation!

We encourage parents to share insights about their child so we can foster the interests and hobbies of each child. And by participating with the Clubhouse, parents have a deeper involvement in their child’s development.