Introducing our Coomera Clubhouse app

At Coomera Clubhouse, our Educators and families use Kindyhub, which enables educators to capture your child’s learning and development, keeping you connected with your child’s early learning.
Our parent app allows insight into your child’s day providing you experience. with photos, stories, events and achievements.

Communication with our families

To align with our values and efforts to be a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly centre, we are proud to be paperless when it comes to our daily communications with families.

We have partnered with KindyHub, to bring our day sheets, learning stories and portfolio right into the hands of parents and carers, via a handy phone App, which is convenient, private and interactive. It also allows parents to easily communicate with your child’s Educator, as the app invites communications and feedback, as well as the ability to share a significant or special family story. What makes this app so great, is that it is time-saving for our team and easy to use, which means more time is spent with the children.