Our wonderful team of staff joined the Director and owners in setting up our new centre last week.

Delivery trucks came with mountains of resources, toys, furniture and books to be unpacked. The girls all had a great time and the rooms ended up looking amazing!

Miss Caroline and Miss Paige setting up the “Wombats Room” (Preschool).

Miss Nicole and Miss Emma in the “Koalas Room” (Toddlers)

Miss Bec and Mis Eva getting the “Platypus Room” ready (Toddlers)

“Goannas Room” (Senior Kindy) ready to go with Miss Steph and Miss Caitlan.

“The Joeys” nursery set up ready for Miss Kerry and Miss Kerri on Monday.

Miss Mel in the “Bilbies Room” with Miss CJ putting on the final touches.

“The Possums” Nursery looking beautiful with Miss Angela and Miss Michelle.

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