Our Centre Philosophy

At Coomera Clubhouse we strive to provide an Education and Care service that is driven by the needs of our children, families and community in a relaxed and nurturing homely environment. Our aim is to ensure that there is always respect for the children, families and team members of our service.

We value the importance of effective communication and consultation between our team, families, children and our community to ensure a sense of “Belonging”. We aim to form reciprocal relationships that will encourage children, families and our community to participate in the service and share in decision making. We aim to ensure that open, respectful communication will be conveyed in every action and decision that is made in regards to our service.

We value, acknowledge and celebrate the diverse range of cultures and abilities in our community.


We will ensure that children, families, team members and visitors receive equal opportunities regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, socio-economic background or physical ability. We also acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, and take pride in encouraging and teaching respect for all the people and the natural environment that surrounds around us.

It is our expectation that our service will be a place where children are seen as capable and competent, shaping who they are and who they can “Become”. Each child will be seen as unique and their individual needs and cultural backgrounds are not only respected but embraced and woven through an inclusive curriculum. We will encourage children to just “Be” and explore their interests and the world around them in a safe, challenging, stimulating and engaging environment.

We will provide a play based curriculum incorporating the principles and learning outcomes of an approved National Learning Framework, which will guide our team of Early Childhood Educators teaching decisions and practices. We will support our team of Early Childhood Educators’ professional pedagogy in providing a nurturing child orientated curriculum that promotes holistic development and satisfies a child’s growing curiosity.

Our team will form partnerships with families and our community to encourage children to grow with self-esteem, confidence and knowledge of their unique talents and abilities. We aim to provide an environment where interactions are warm, responsive and respectful so trusting relationships can be formed with children, families and our community.

We strive to provide a supportive team environment to assist our service in their delivery of quality care and education. We will take time to listen and be responsive to our team’s requirements and balance these against the needs of our children, families and our community.