Bush Kindy Program at Coomera Clubhouse

bush kindy program

In 2019, we introduced our Bush Kindy Program to the children and Educators here at Coomera Clubhouse. Our team has since integrated Bush Kindy into their daily programs and children and educators alike have enjoyed the benefits of being outdoors to connect with nature on a regular basis.

bush kindy programThis connection with nature through play and exploration minus the stimulation of man-made resources and toys is very important and studies have shown that children who regularly engage in nature-based play develop higher physical, social and emotional skills. There are also significant health benefits that include improved cognitive function, increased creativity, positive peer interaction, reduced attention deficit hyperactivity symptoms and reduced rates of aggression.

Bush Kindy is play that is led by the children, with support from our educators, allowing children to take reasonable risks in a supervised, natural environment. All activities are risk assessed to ensure your child is safe while having fun. Our educators are fully qualified and are excited to provide a Bush KIndy program that is a fun, educational experience that your child will hopefully remember for years to come.

As our centres are located in the heart of Coomera Springs, a lush estate with plenty of open, natural spaces, we feel very lucky to be able to explore the natural landscapes that are close by to our centres, without having to board transport, we are able to walk and enjoy the fresh air.



Bush Kindy Program Overview

Children will walk to parklands on the proposed route. Once at the parklands children are free to engage with nature
through play and exploration of parklands within the boundaries of the Bush Kindy site set by the Educators.

Through this play and exploration children will learn to:

  • Assess, appreciate and take risks
  • Deal with failure and develop the resilience to keep trying
  • Be self-sufficient, self-confident and take care of themselves
  • Be resilient, develop grit and determination

Educators will have discussions with children about safety and the natural environment before, during and after the bush kindy session.

Children will have access to drinking water. Children will then return back to the centre by walking on the proposed route.

Apart from our staff being early childhood qualified Educators, they also hold a current First Aid Certification and Educator:Child ratios are set out as per National Law and National Regulations. We also welcome parent and guardian volunteers to come along to one of our Bush Kindy sessions. Please see our team if you are interested in joining the fun!