Our Wombat Preschoolers were very lucky to receive a special visit from Aunty Angela… Read on to see all about it.

Aunty Angela talked to the Wombats about dinosaurs and fossils. She showed photographs of fossils and explained how people find these bones in rocks and soils and dig them up. It is because of fossils that we have an ideas on how dinosaurs looked. Aunty Angela told us about different dinosaurs and their sizes and whether they were meat eaters or plant eaters. She talked to us about how different dinosaurs had parts of their bodies that they used as a weapon to fight off other dinosaurs. For example, Stegosaurus used its tail which had sharp spikes on the end of it. Diplodocus had a long tail that it most likely used as a whip to frighten off its enemies. She mentioned that nobody really knew what colour dinosaurs were and that birds come from dinosaurs. The first bird ever was most like a dinosaur. It had wings and claws at the end of its wings and feathers. Aunty Angela brought in dinosaur toys for us to look at, pictures and cookies. We really enjoyed her visit and learnt lots of new information.

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