Sometimes it feels like we’ve tried everything with our child’s behaviour. As parents, we usually have our go-to behaviour strategy. However, the strategy that worked once, doesn’t always work again. So these 7 positive parenting tips are for parents that just want strategies to pull out when they want to explore some other options.

Making it into a game:

This can be great for a couple of reasons… it helps create a feeling of connection and it boosts everyone’s mood. So next time you give an instruction that is met with some hostility, try and get playful.

Make it Easy:

If brushing teeth is an issue or getting ready for bed is a struggle, think about how you can remove the barriers. Can you bring their pyjamas into the living room so your child can get changed there? If it’s teeth brushing, have a few toothbrushes around, like in the bath or in both bathrooms, maybe even in the laundry.

Ask yourself why?:

Why are they acting like this? Are they hungry, tired, needing a hug or angry? This can help you with what to do next.

Tell them how they feel:

By giving words to their emotions you are helping them feel understood, and isn’t that all we want in life? This is also a great way of building empathy.

Keep your boundaries:

Don’t give in. Kids thrive when they have boundaries. Yes, they will test them constantly, but stick it out. You’re doing an incredible job.

Connect with them first:

This goes back up to asking why (number 3) and helping them express their emotions (number 4). Connect with touch, by being empathetic to their emotions.


I love this strategy! If you notice a behaviour starting to become a habit, role play an alternative behaviour. Do this when they are calm and receptive. Have fun with it… also use this time to develop empathy about why the behaviour/habit wasn’t a good one. You might also want to switch roles here, so your child can see another perspective.

About our contributor:

Alex is a primary school teacher, parenting coach and mum to toddler Abel. Alex has over 10 years of experience in behaviour management and is passionate about helping children feel safe and connected, putting their wellbeing as a priority. Alex helps parents navigate the sometimes tricky role of parenting with her practical strategies, offering her services as a coach and behaviour consultant.

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