Programs for all ages… from 6 weeks, to pre-school!


The nursery provides care for babies from 6 weeks to 2 years. Our experienced staff are trained to provide a caring, happy and stimulating environment for the little ones. Babies have the perfect place to play, learn, eat and rest in the Clubhouse.

We establish routines for babies in our nursery, which provide the opportunity for a better overall experience for your baby: from rest time to meal times, our babies are very happy and engaged in the Clubhouse!

Knowing this will be your baby’s first time away from home, we’re particularly focused on ensuring your baby feels secure and happy.

2-3 Years

Toddlers at 2-3 years are a beautifully active group, filled with curiosity and energy!

We ensure the activities for toddlers are both fun and educational: from sensory learning to creativity, exploring nature and Australia’s natural environment, your toddler will have a happy and fun time in the Clubhouse program.

At a time when their sense of identity is increasing, and independence is on the rise, we ensure that fair social boundaries and behaviours are learned, and we guide them so that all toddlers in our care have a positive, memorable experience.

3-4 Years

This is an age that’s critical for children to begin the active routine of learning, moving from babyhood to childhood. What an exciting time! As such, the program is a fun, memorable and stimulating experience.

With a play-based structure, and emphasis on the development of social skills, independence, literacy and numeracy, our 3-4 year program is a fantastic option for your child. School readiness is key – and each child is nurtured as an individual, where their unique talents, likes and interests are the focus.

Children at this age have rich imaginations and high levels of energy. So we’re focused on a stimulating and valuable experience for your child.

3-4 Years at Coomera Clubhouse

QLD Kindergarten Program

Coomera Clubhouse is an approved Queensland Kindergarten Program which means we’re required to offer learning and education to the children in our care. And so, our kind programs covers:

  • education for children in the year prior to Prep (aged at least 4 years old by 30th June in the year they participate) delivered by a four-year qualified early childhood education teacher or a registered teacher with early childhood qualifications
  • education which aligns with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline or other education program accredited by the Queensland Studies Authority
  • the cost for this program is $96 per day, not including CCB (Child Care Benefit or Rebates etc)
  • to learn more about the Queensland Kindergarten program, click here

Our Curriculum

We adopt an emergent curriculum at Coomera Clubhouse, one that is structured to enhance and enrich a child’s learning experience. This approach has been developed at a national education level in Australia and is called the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

You can read more about the Framework here.
Download a Factsheet here.
Our Programming

Coomera Clubhouse implements the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG) through an Emergent Curriculum. An Emergent Curriculum is based on the interests of a child and or group of children, which encourages children to learn through play, sparked by an interest that they have initiated.

Our team of Educators then build on these interests to channel children’s learning, exploration and discovery. Planning this curriculum requires observation, discussion, documentation, reflection and creativity.

Through the Framework’s five learning goals, Educators will assist your child to develop:

  • A strong sense of their identity     
  • Connections with their world
  • A strong sense of wellbeing
  • Confidence and involvement in their learning; and
  • Effective communication skills.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team.

Communication with our families

To align with our values and efforts to be a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly centre, we are proud to be paperless when it comes to our daily communications with families.

We have partnered with KindyHub, to bring our day sheets, learning stories and portfolio right into the hands of parents and carers, via a handy phone App, which is convenient, private and interactive. It also allows parents to easily communicate with your child’s Educator, as the app invites communications and feedback, as well as the ability to share a significant or special family story. What makes this app so great, is that it is time-saving for our team and easy to use, which means more time is spent with the children.

Coomera Clubhouse Childcare Program
We document your child’s learning journey in a number of ways:

Day sheet

  • This submission to the Kindyhub profile outlines the day’s activities and what the children are currently learning,
  • This is uploaded to Kindyhub daily for you to view
  • Includes photos.
  • Includes what your child has eaten and how much, as well as sleep times and duration.

Online child portfolios

  • Learning stories
  • Centre events
  • Photo observations
  • Learning samples
  • Developmental records
  • Summary of learning and development

Learning Journey Scrapbook

  • This is an ongoing learning and development journey that educators will work on throughout the year. At the end of the year, families get to take this home to keep.