Let’s Talk Fatherhood

Whether you’ve been a parent for just a few weeks or a few years, it’s easy to lose track of everything going on. Work and other outside pressures all take away your attention… and children change so fast so quickly! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel as though keeping strongly connec

Story Time – Why it’s Important

Whether you tell stories straight from your memory or imagination, or you read them out of a book, story time is an important part of a child’s growth process. We learn a lot from hearing stories; more than you might originally think! Learning from example Children can learn some amazing lessons a

How to Keep Yourself and Your Child Protected Against the Flu

Last flu season was a nasty one, and reports out of the northern hemisphere predict that this year’s could be even worse. So what can you do to protect your family from being hit hard by influenza? Get vaccinated The flu vaccine this year is made up of the four influenza variants that experts thin

The iPad Generation – Statistics, Effects, and What You Can Do

‘Screen time’ is something that everyone seems to be talking about. Does it help or hinder childhood development? What are the best methods to keep our children safe? Everyone seems to have an opinion. Here are some of the facts. The statistics Well over 80% of children in Australia have a smart

8 Child First Aid Tips

Children are prone to having accidents. And generally speaking, we don’t want to stop all chance of them having those accidents, because that’s how they learn to move and interact with the world around them. However, we also want to keep them safe from serious harm, and that’s where these firs

3 Ways to Reduce Over-Stimulation in the Home

3 Ways to Reduce Over-Stimulation in the Home We hear a lot about the importance of providing stimulation for children – new toys, new people, new places, new experiences. What we don’t hear about as much is over-stimulation – when a child experiences more sensory input that they can effective

Effect of a nurturing environment on brain development

Effect of a nurturing environment on brain development Children learn a surprising amount in the first few years of life, and some of those lessons shape how they learn and react to the world around them for the rest of their lives. We’ve put together a list of the basic elements that affect a chi