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Coomera Clubhouse was established in 2011 by Adam & Jane Gilbert to help loving, busy parents who are trying to get their home and work life organised and in balance. To provide trusted support so that everyone in the family thrive.

Like most, we saw an opportunity with childcare as a way to make this happen – but we saw something missing in the market. We saw “paid babysitting” type centres who seemed just there to make money, not really operating on values.

We also saw “plastic” type centres which felt more like fast-food franchises, lots of plastic and over stimulation, where the kids lacked creativity and natural development in their play.

We’ve brought a unique approach which is much more than childcare. It’s your natural connection to a supportive community. It’s built on the three pillars of “Nurture, Safety, and Creativity”, which gives parents peace of mind and allows children to thrive, be supported, and become all they can be.

So how did our unique combination come about? Let us share with you our story…

A Day at the Clubhouse
A Day at the Clubhouse


Jane was inspired by the old-school style of childcare the way she remembers it being when she was young, growing up in Mosman, Sydney. Everything based around nature – Australian animals, flora and fauna, a more natural look and feel. Everything felt beautiful, softer, more earthy, more real. An environment where creativity was fostered and encouraged. They had a family feel, a nurturing environment. They felt like safe places to be.

When she had her own children and looked into care for them – she noticed that things had changed. Childcare centres seemed to feel more like McDonald’s outlets than natural environments. Bright colours, everything artificial, very in-your-face.

Jane noticed a very big change in one of her children after attending one of these centres. It amplified some of the challenges he was already facing. In addition she felt left in the dark as to how he was going during the day, by staff who seemed more to be paid babysitters than carers.

That feeling is one she would not soon forget – and it reinforced with her the importance of connection with the people who were being trusted to take care of children.

Community Connection

Coomera Clubhouse was extremely fortunate to open in 2011 at 95% capacity. This was mainly due to there being a lack of centres in the area and in 2013 the decision was made to open a 2nd centre on the back of current wait lists and a needs analysis in favour of a second centre.

When their daughter Chloe had her son Jasper, the centres became a communal hub for the whole family. Chloe has been involved in various roles ever since – and Jasper has always felt right at home! A second home good enough for their grandchild, and good enough for their daughter to work at.

Trusting in values

The road hasn’t always been easy though… Sticking with their values to create a unique natural environment for the kids to absorb, play, and be creative in, required custom work and had it’s challenges.

Adam and Jane have worked very hard to keep their commitment to building an environment which is nurturing, safe & creative – and spent the extra money, and made the extra changes that were needed to stick with their vision.

Adam does much of the maintenance & outdoor planning himself, and is regularly in on his days off to meet contractors and cleaners, to go the extra mile and ensure the standards are kept high. He and Jane both follow the rule of never do anything cheap – it always ends up costing you more in the long run.

In addition to our regular cleans, we have our professional cleaning contractors that come 2-3 times a year – and everything (literally everything) is pulled out of the rooms, the whole place is sanitised. A lot of centres don’t do that (it’s not a government requirement). It is part of the commitment to a safe, nurturing environment. Again – it costs more and we have to run a tight ship, but in our mind, it’s the minimum and we don’t let it slip.

A Day at the Clubhouse
A Day at the Clubhouse
our community
A Day at the Clubhouse

In the end, it’s about the people

Another challenge of late, however, has come from the wider environment – and it’s one that all centres face. With more and more centres opening up in the area, quality staff are becoming much harder to come by in all centres. They have the choice of where to work.

Our values have stood the test of time – and we remain blessed to have the most passionate, nurturing team we could ever ask for. Our team are our secret sauce, and they make the centres what they are. Led by the Kylie Winstanley, Rebecca Reeves, Emma Newman, Lindsay Buck & Kelly Gow – our team is well established and stable – 3 out of every 4 staff have been with us since opening.

We are also a good mix of mums, non-mums, and mums to be which is very important to a lot of our parents. The mums and mums-to-be among us bring a deep level of understanding about parenting support, and the non-mums amongst us bring bundles of energy for our kids!

Parents know they can relax when they come in – as their philosophy is “The more the parents are involved, the better”. They are often surprised at getting the full tour the first time they visit, and at the invitation to drop in anytime with no appointment, which a lot of centres don’t do.

The Result

In the end, it all boils down to one word – connection. We’ve built centres we are proud of, based on values that are part of our DNA. The vision from the founders, combined with the creativity and professionalism of the team – we’ve all taken part in building the centre that truly is your natural connection to a supportive community. It’s provided that for our own families and it has become exactly that for the wider community. It’s up to the standards that we want for our own kids & grandkids, and we strive to improve every day.

A community hub where children love to visit – and parents can drop their children off with the trust and peace of mind that their children are nurtured, are safe, can tap into their creativity and thrive.

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We’re not just childcare, we’re





WHY WE DO IT Confidence
Peace of Mind
Ready for school
WHAT WE DO Family owned
Parents welcome
Children loved
Parents supported
Friendly staff
No appointment necessary
Mix of mums & non mums
Daily learning journey
Phone App Connection
Hairdresser service
Participating in and contributing to community events
Family involvement
Links with local community support programs
Open honest communication
Early Years Learning Framework
QLD Government approved Kindergarten Curriculum
Established Team
Professional Development
Continuous improvement
Cleaing Standards
Quality Workmanship
Nutritional meals
Meeting National Quality Standards
Excursions to local school
Inviting local schools and teachers to centre
Environmental sustainable practices
School readiness program
Spacious activity rooms
State of the art resources
Engaging Learning Program
Natural indoor and outdoor play areas
Established gardens with real grass play areas!
Encouraged to express
Creative play
Interior Design by local artist
Extra curricular programs & events
Organic Garden
Guinea Pigs
Chickens and Worm farms
Geared to child
Interactive whiteboards and IPads & IT resources
Cooking classes
ELLA program – Early learning language australia program
Little green steps program
Providing loving, busy parents with trusted support so that the whole family can thrive.