Providing loving, busy parents with trusted support so that the whole family can thrive.

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We’re not just childcare, we’re


  • Are you stretched for time trying to balance work & home life?
  • Need the extra income that quality care allows you to earn?
  • Concerned about separation anxiety and safety?
  • Wondering whether your kids will make friends, and if their teachers are qualified, loving and nurturing?
  • And if you don’t get a centre chosen soon – everything will stay unorganised and chaotic around the home?
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  • Do you want the joy and relief that comes when your child is happy to be dropped off – and you feel they’re in great hands?
  • More time to take care of work, home, and yourself?
  • Can you use the security that comes with being able to work more and earn more?
  • Are you looking for trusted support so the whole family can thrive?

The Opportunity and the Challenge

Coomera Clubhouse was established in 2011 by Adam & Jane Gilbert to help loving, busy parents who are trying to get their home and work life organised and in balance. Like most, we saw an opportunity with childcare as a way to make this happen – but we saw something missing in the market.

We saw “paid babysitting” type centres who seemed just there to make money, not really operating on values.

We also saw “plastic” type centres which felt more like fast-food franchises, lots of plastic and over stimulation, where the kids lacked creativity and natural development in their play.

A Unique Approach

We’re much more than childcare. We’re your natural connection into a supportive community.

Our environment is based on 3 core pillars:


Nurture to us is a caring, supportive environment – not just paid babysitting. A place where children and parents feel allowed and encouraged to completely be themselves. Kids develop self esteem and confidence to express who they are, and parents feel right at home. No appointment necessary! Feel free to stay as long or as little as you like, and let us know if there’s anything extra we can do to help. Monthly events that allow parents to forge friendships and support networks through regular participation in local community events.


Safety to us means setting our own high standards, going over and above to meet them, and using our conscience as a benchmark. Much more than minimum standards required by law. Children thrive in a structured, safe and hygienic environment – and parents leave with peace of mind. Long term staff that have stood the test of time. The owners personally overseeing and taking pride in all maintenance and high frequency, deep cleaning. We strive for continuous improvement in every area (and welcome feedback).


Creativity to us means an environment where expression and growth is encouraged – not one of plastic and high stimulation. Everything from our learning program custom-designed to engage and light up the children’s creative side, to the interior of our centre which has been decorated by a local artist. Natural indoor and outdoor play areas encourage kids to express what’s within naturally, and are complimented by our organic garden, chickens, worm farm, and guinea pigs. To us creativity means life, and we aim to add as much as possible to both the children and parents alike.


So, how did “your natural connection into a supportive community” come about?

And how do the three pillars of Nurture, Safety and Creativity help providing loving, busy parents with trusted support so that the whole family can thrive?

Read our story here…

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But don’t just take our word for it, have a look below at what our current parents say!

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